5 Cool Summer Dresses For Girls On Amazon

Spring is the time for girls as it gets along the season to show of colors, hues and vibrant dresses. So why lay back get up and get in motion dress up your girl in all the bright colors and let her be the talk of the town! Just on tip, if the weather gets cool pair the frock with a legging with a cool pattern or shades for the extra warmth. So here are the some cool dresses for you girl available on Amazon, check them out:

download (2)Chevron Flower Tunic & Leggings
: Available in almost all sizes, this 95% cotton dress is sure to make your girl look vibrant on the perfect spring day. The sleeveless knitted top and a striped legging will add the much required spunk to the perfect day. Please note the dress is easy to maintain as it can be easily washed in the machine.


images (3)Sequin Bodice Flower Girl
: This shimmery dress available in a range of colors is the perfect for any party in summers. The flower seen on the dress is detachable, so if the extra accessory is not required you can opt to dress your princess without it too. Also, the dress can be paired with cool boleros available in Fuchsia, Lavender, Lime Green and Turquoise. The dress is available in many colors so choose the hue best suited for your baby!


babyscloset Sequin-Bodice-Flower-GirlBaby Tog Cross Back Dress
: A perfect dress for the casual summer day. Can be easily worn all throughout the day or for a casual get together. The dress is made up of 55% cotton and the rest is polyester. So an easy to maintain and easy to wash dress.




Blue-Flower-Print-150x150Blue Flower Print Dress
: We love the dress as is, no need to accessories it or anything else. The dress looks spunky as it is. The lovely hues and the bright flowers in the dress will make your little girl look every inch the princess she is. Just check out the dress we are sure you would fall in love at the first look.





Smoked Rainbow Halter: Available in sizes 2 to 10, so a lot of options are available. We are sure you would find the perfect fit for your princess. Made with cotton the dress will add the much needed spunk to the summery day.

baby closet dividers

baby closet dividers

download (2)


download (3)


download (4)


images (1)




baby snow suits


 Pink snow suits

download (1)

Baby boy snowsuit

Best Baby Gates

As babies learn to take those first precious steps in life, curiosity often becomes second nature when exploring shapes, objects and forms etc.
Baby gates are essential when attempting to keep your newborn or toddler stationery. This will prevent your baby from bodily injuries and keep them out of harm’s way.


Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White

Here are some great features when deciding on purchasing the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate.

  • The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate is easy to install  remove when no long in use.
  • Also can be use for your pets also.
  • It fits your opening rage from 29″ t0 40″
  • Handle is accessible with a one touch and release.
  • The Regalo Easty StepWalk Thru Gate is ideal for your doorways and staircase areas.
  • Easy to lift
  • Made of metal material.



The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate seems to be one of the more popular baby gates. Very easy to setup and remove without any hassle. Being that the Regalo easy step is made out of metal, It is very sturdy but also not too heavy  to relocate to other areas of the home.

Customer Reviews


  • Keeps pets in their restricted areas
  • pretty simple to set up
  • one hand use
  • very reasonable pricing.
  • easy to remove between bedrooms



  • Not easy to install
  • Door does not open are close so easily
  • The locking mechanism is clunky and noisy

Overall the reviews were good, a quality product that is easily accessible with reasonable pricing.


4 out of 5 Stars!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Ideas for Baby’s First Picture

A baby’s birth is celebrated by the whole family as an occasion, and the baby’s first picture is the most memorable item for a family. More usual, the preparations for the celebration become proper planning and organizing the party for the day. The day becomes memberable even after years. Taking pictures, making film etc can make the day memorable. The pictures can be taken in a creative way to make it a keepsake for the baby’s scrapbook or to send it to friends and relatives as a thank you present for celebrating the day with you. Here are top 5 ideas for baby’s first picture.

images (14)

Go Professional:

It can be done through spending some money and hiring a professional photographer. Mall studios are a good option to consider, as the photographers are more experienced than you are. Take a full-face picture and full body picture, different costumes can also be used to make it more creative. It can also include just a diaper or something dressier, like just a shirt or just socks, etc.

Birthday Cake:                            

It is a good idea to take funny shots that make you laugh whenever you see your baby eating the cake with frosting all over his/her face, hands and clothes. A good idea for the first birthday is to dress the baby in a plain white shirt and decorate a “Happy First Birthday” balloon right behind his chair, so that it is visible from right behind his or her little head. Place the photographer directly across the table and give a colorful frosted cake slice to the baby. Fully light the candles on the cake and capture a photo while it is being brought to the table. It gives a unique look if the father and mother are holding the bay for blowing the candles or if the baby tastes his cake full of icing. Take many pictures from different angles to select the good ones from them.

Dress Up:  The baby needs to dress up in the most creative ways on the first birthday. For a girl, you can make either her wear a mom’s hat or some high heels, or a frilly tutu. Whereas, for a boy make him wear one of his dad’s ties or work shirts or get a special costume for his picture day.

Family:  Ask the whole family to get involved in the celebration of your baby to make it more memorable. A photo of the birthday baby along with the whole family would be the sweetest part of the day. Take separate pictures with dad and mom or siblings and the baby. If your child has started walking, take few photos of him holding hands and walking for the first time with parents or siblings.

Use Lots of Colors:  A baby’s birthday should be full of colors. The cake should be made up of bright colors, the balloons in the decoration should be of many colors, and you can even hire a clown for the day. Take many photographs with many bright colors in the background.

Installing a Cuddle Care Stroller Blanket

Parents make sure they take every measure to keep their child’s safety a priority. For the same reason, keeping your baby warm becomes a foremost priority when you go out into the cold with your baby. Now making your baby warm and safe in an effortless way is to shelter him in the Cuddle Care Stroller Blanket. Installing the Cuddle Care stroller blanket to your stroller can instantly be done through the Velcro attached on the back of this blanket. It is designed in a way to protect your baby from cold and give him fleecy warmth; it can also be used in an infant car seat.

Nuddle Baby Stroller Blanket OATMEAL

The Cuddle Care stroller blanket covers the baby completely, however the baby can still see outside through the plastic, another option available with the blanket is to zip it up while the baby is sleeping to give him more comfort. The design of the blanket has two air pockets on its side to serve as the ventilators.

A simple blanket can secure a numerous number of memories with it. It can be kept for years to be cherished and remembered. Many things can be done with a simple blanket that has been created with the finest material with your baby’s name on it, so every person can know whom your child is when the stroller is pushed past them.

The design of this Cuddle Care Stroller blanket is so simple that it can be installed and uninstalled in just 30 seconds in any stroller. You can carry it underneath your stroller and take it out for usage whenever it gets cold. A regular blanket drags on the floor after every while and it becomes irritating, while this blanket carries a belt with it on the opening making it impossible to fall out or drag on the floor.

Usually most blankets have typical designs on it, but this Cuddle Care stroller blanket has a unique honeycomb pattern made on it, which makes it stand out in other typical blankets, although at the beginning, the pattern might look complicated but in reality, it is easy enough to master. Small size in this blanket is a perfect fit for your stroller, which makes it unique as compared to other ordinary blankets.

Ways to install cuddle care stroller blanket

Unhook the Velcro that is at attached at the back of the Cuddle Care blanket, this will allow you to open the blanket.

-Attach the stroller seat straps to the stroller by passing the straps to the openings in the back of the stroller blanket. Hook back the Velcro straps of the blanket. The blanket will place underneath the stroller in a flat position.

-Look for the drawstring beneath the stroller blanket, position the bottom edge of the blanket so it becomes conventional and covers the seat completely. Push the button edge and pull it to attach the blanket to the stroller completely. Release the button, and it will allow the blanket to stay at the place where you have adjusted it.

-Put the baby in the stroller and button up the stroller straps around the baby.

-Zip up the stroller bag from the front up over the baby’s feet until his/her body; the zipper will stop at the baby’s chest or neck, which depends on the size of your baby.

-Wrap the bottom pocket up and over the baby’s feet to give him an extra layer of warmness or you can even leave the stroller edge of the blanket hanging.


Infant Flower Girl Dresses

In every wedding, flower girls are the most important part of a wedding ceremony. After you have chosen dresses, venue, time and the date of the wedding party, here are useful tips that will help you to choose dresses for your flower girls. You should consider style, comfort, color quality formality, length, and budget. Infant flower girl dresses are something you are considering. This article will talk about Infant flower girl dresses.

Sequin Bodice Tulle Special Occasion Holiday Flower Girl Dress

Tips for buying baby formal wear

When shopping fancy clothes for infants, throwing practicality out of the window can be very easy. Babies should look beautiful in spiffy duds but still there are some things to consider before buying


Babies usually grow very fast, when buying them clothes you should consider how many times the baby will wear the cloth. If it is to be worn for just one occasion like a birthday, a wedding ceremony, Christmas or any other occasion then you can buy the cloth in the current size of the baby. It is also good to buy the cloth very near to the occasion otherwise there are factors that can trigger fast growth making the cloth to be smaller. On the other hand, if it is to be worn for a number of occasions it should be a little bit bigger than the current size of the baby. It might look bigger at first but latter it will come to fit.


Comfort is the most important aspect to consider when buying baby clothes. It can be hard to find formal wear without irritants like ribbons, bows and laces but the lining of the cloth in the inside should be free from any irritant. It should be soft and without buttons, zippers or laces. Here are tips to buying the most comfortable outfit for babies:

Avoid things like laces near the face or near the neck. Use faux ties instead of bow ties. Avoid overdressing the child during hot weather. Have another cloth to change the baby if he looks uncomfortable.

All buttons should be firmly attached; babies are known to eat loose buttons once they cut off. Make sure that bows and ribbons are not long in a way that they can wrap around the baby’s neck. Never use a real tie on the child’s neck, as they might chock the kid.

If the child is walking, the clothes should not interfere with their walking. Toddler’s shoes should not be slippery to avoid falls. Put socks or tights on your child to prevent the child from being bruised.


The most formal fabrics for babies are silk, chiffon, organza, and satin. The location of the ceremony and the day might affect the formality of the flower girls but the most important thing to consider is that the dresses work with the theme and the style of the ceremony.


Flower girls dress style can be used to carry the wedding theme and ceremony successfully. They will attract the eyes of many people as they gently toss the flower petal before the bride.

A Guide to Buying Baby Socks

Dressing a little baby is the most fun thing to do. All the cloth items look like they are the most beautiful thing to have. All the clothes that a baby wears should be right for them to be safe, comfortable, and practical. Babies have very tender skin and they pull at their clothes, wear diapers, sleep on their clothes and they have all manner of accidents that cause stains on their clothes. All these factors should be considered especially when buying baby socks and tights.

 The first step when buying hosiery for a baby girl is to know the right size for the baby. Then get to know about different kind so that you can be able to make a decision. Get information of the material that is used to make the hosiery, and you will be able to protect the skin of your baby’s skin. This advice to parents will help them choose the right baby socks and tights for their children.


Baby socks and tights size

In most case baby clothing, tights, and baby socks are given their sizes according to the age of the baby but not all babies of the same age are of the same size. Hosiery sizes depend on the manufacturer. Below is something that will give parents a guideline to selecting the best size for their baby girl.

Parents should compare baby socks and tights sizes for children in different ages. Most companies display sizes in the packaging. Because of how babies grow fast, parent should buy items in small numbers from the smallest sizes. If there is doubt, buy an item in the larger because the baby will grow into it.

Jefferies Socks Baby-Girls Infant Pima Tight



Baby Socks selection for baby Girl

In most case, socks are selected in terms of style, color, material, and pattern. When buying socks for a baby, comfort of the baby should come above all the other factors. Style mostly depends on personal taste and outfit but also climate will affect your decision. Some parents like the more feminine look with lace anklets regardless of what the baby is wearing, while others like lace socks for dress-up, for everyday wearing many prefer plain ankle socks. They can be purchased as a single pair or multiple pairs in a pack.

Gerber Baby-Girls 6 Pack Variety Socks



Sock Color and patterns

There are many colors for baby socks. In most cases baby girls socks come in white and pink colors. In the present time, it is possible to get them in many colors and patterns like striped, floral, animal print and others are made to look like the child is wearing shoes. Multi-pack may contain socks in one color or a mixture of colors so that you can be able to match them with the baby clothes.

4-Pack Colorful Socks 

Baby Socks Materials

Children rarely have smelly feet and therefore baby socks material is not a big problem. Parent can choose to buy cotton socks or a mixture of cotton with synthetic fibers. There are others made of organic cotton but wool should be avoided because of lanoline which is a known allergen found in woolen clothes.

Ecoland Organic Cotton Baby Newborn Quarter Socks 0-6 months – 6 Pairs Value – Natural/White

Party Dresses for Girls

Party dresses for girls are a fashion statement because they show how fashionable a girl is. These clothes are usually embellished with appliqué work as well as ribbons. These dresses are also trimmed with laces of different color and materials. This article will talk about party dresses for girls.

Many clothing designers have realized the importance of party clothes for girls and there are many in the market today. The common types of party dresses for girls are:

Classic wool party dress
Linen dresses
Silk Party dresses
Mini dresses
Enchanting or simple


 Classic wool party dress                                        

These are the most common party dresses among girls. This is because they are affordable. They also come in different colors and styles. They are either sleeveless, full sleeved and half sleeved.
      JoJo Maman Bebe Baby-Girls Infant Classic Mix Fairisle Dress


Linen dresses

Linen is a natural fiber that is very comfortable to the skin. The material is also light and therefore clothes made of this material are best to wear during summer. These clothes also come in different eye-catching designs. These clothes are made of different shapes and sizes; everyone can get a cloth that best suits her.

 Mud Pie Baby-Girls Newborn Giraffe Dress, Multi, 6-9 Months


Silk Party dresses

This  type of  clothing is usually shiny; they are best worn by the girls who like attracting the attention of many people. The cloth reflects very well to enhance the wearer personality. Like all the other clothes, these clothes come in different colors, design, and sizes, visit your favorite local store and buy one. Silk clothes are a bit expensive and therefore you will be forced to part with a little more than cotton clothes.

Baby Tutu Costumes with Matching Silk Flower Headband Set 


Mini dresses

These clothes are usually short and in most cases, they end slightly above the knees. They come in different colors and are made of different materials and design. Mini dresses are very common with  girls during parties. Experts say that although fashion is important, the comfort of the cloth is what matters. Make sure that you buy clothes from reputable stores that will not sell you substandard clothing.

Nannette Baby-Girls Newborn 2 Piece Mini Pleated Dress Legging Set



Enchanting or simple

Before you shop for a prom dress consider the kind of dress you want, flashy or just plain, Some have glittery or fancy embroidery while other are multicolored and others have one or two colors, they may be sleeveless or have big bow and frills on the sleeves.

Baby-Girls Newborn Deco Print Shirting Dress by Susan Lazar



Party gowns for girls

Look for all the available options in your size. When you go to buy a gown, go with a friend who will help give you a second opinion. Make sure you ask  questions and tell the shop attendant to look for gowns that will fit the appropriate body size and shape.

 Biscotti Baby-Girls Infant Birthday Dress

Cute and Comfortable Jump-suits For Babies

Jump suits are probably the best and the cutest clothing for babies, boys or girls irrespective. Your baby would look super cute and cuddly in a jump suit especially of it is the right color and the perfect fit. Apart from making your baby look goof they are super comfortable and easy to change. In the growing up years, the initial crawling and activity years jump suits are best and the most sot after clothes. So here are some amazing jump suits that you can choose from all available on Amazon:-


Calvin Klein Baby Girls Newborn and Circle Print: This cute polka dotted jump suit is something that you fall in love with instantly. Made up of sixty percent cotton it is the super comfortable clothing for you baby. Let him crawl, jump or indulge in any activity when he is wearing this jump suit. The suit is available in gray and pink colors, perfect for a baby girl.




Calvin Klein Baby Boys Hooded Romper: Perfect for your musician baby boy. This blue striped jump suit will make your baby boy look every inch the rock star he is. Made up of 60% cotton and 40% polyester the fabric can be easily machine washed. So let your boy dirty it any ways, you do not have worry about scrubbing it. The fabric also is very comfortable and soft to wear. So what are you waiting for order it now and do share your views with us.


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